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i am not alone

Posted: January 30, 2010 in my creations

The night, it is deserted
from the mountains to the sea.
But I, the one who rocks you,
I am not alone!

The sky, it is deserted
for the moon falls to the sea.
But I, the one who holds you,
I am not alone !

The world, it is deserted.
All flesh is sad you see.
But I, the one who hugs you,
I am not alone!


i wont deny the blame

Posted: January 29, 2010 in my creations

I wanna say that I’m real sorry
And I won’t deny the blame
I’m sure you must hate me
I’d know, I feel the same

You were one of the best things
That has ever happened to me
Though we’ve had our feuds
It usually comes back to glee

God Bless for putting up with me
And I know you must be mad
I just wanna say I’m sorry another time
If you’d only except my apoligy I’d be glad

The whole situation got out of hand
And we only have myself to blame
I seriously wasn’t trying to manipulate
The lonliness is driving me insane

Please don’t make this our last goodbye
Listen to me and I’ll tell you why;
Your my best friend and that’ll never change
One more thing; I’m real sorry this was lame

Cross connection(part II)

Posted: January 27, 2010 in randomz

Like always sneha came on time and was waiting for avinash at CCD who wasn’t usually late .his cellphone was also switched off which was a rare case with him and also he sounded very strange when she last conversated with him which made sneha’s mind filled with odd and angry thoughts.

They promised each other to meet every weekend on Sunday at CCD at 5p.m. taking out time from their busy schedule of work and studies.

While waiting.. sneha was flown to the day when he first met avinash and how friendship grew deeper between them which has developed into liking and now may be “love” of which sneha is unsure and always has a hard time conflicting with herself that she actually loved avinash or not. so she decided to give their relationship a bit more time before she tells avinash about her feelings and moreover the memories of past has still been haunting her from inside and not yet completely faded away from her mind and heart.

Sneha and avinash ..there had not been a single issue on which avinash did ever argued or we can  they always understood each other’s feelings before the  other one what happened previous month was avinash’s b’day..very obvious sneha wanted to meet him, not being a Sunday,and to give him a  ‘sonata watch’ which she bought for him as a gift. But thanks to avinash overloaded office works he couldn’t have afford to ask for a holiday from his boss.

Sneha was quite upset at this and moreover avinash did not even reflected any amount of sadness, of not meeting her,as because he didn’t wanted to make her sad. Sneha felt more offended at this. She sat in her room ,lights switched off, not studying.then only she received an sms from avinash< ” 🙂 “. Sneha eyes shone as if avinash was sitting  right in front of her and trying to make her smile. She regretted for cursing avinash for not meeting her because of his schedule . but she was a girl who could not easly giveup. The only thing she was to do was to say a small lie to her mom.

She got up called her friend,alisha ,and told her to ask her mom if sneha could stay with her tonight at her hostel for tommorow’s test at tuition. As planned sneha’s mom agreed to alisha and asked sneha to take care of herself and study properly.

She said good bye to her mom and hurried towards the cake shop bought a black forest cake for avinash,being his favourate, bought some balloons ,ribbons,fillers and colddrinks and headed towards avinash home of which she had a duplicate key. She checked her watch,avinash would generally reach his home by 8p.m so she still had one hour to prepare everything. She quitely opened the doors so that the neighbours did not know of her presence in avinash’s house. She decorated the hall with the fillers and balloons arranged the cake at the centre table with her gift , a bunch of yellow roses and choclates(which she bought more for herself knowing avinash doesn’t like much choclates so ultimately she will be the one consuming it 😉 ). Then she went to the kitchen cooked some pasta, which she learned from her mom and finally cleaned all the mess as avinash was a hygiene freko. She was a bit tired doing all the stuffs .and then she suddenly remembered of the most important task… she had to change her clothes and get ready. She quickly went to the washroom ,as it was already 8 and avinash could arrive anytime, wore her new party dress, a black top and a mini, which she bought last week, and got ready quickly.

All was done . she switched off the lights of the house so that avinash doesn’t knows from outside that anybody is inside , and sat on the sofa waiting for him, she could sense her heart throbbing rapidly because of a handful of reasons..1.she never entered anyone’s place like this 2.what if anyone knows of her presence there 3. She had told her mom a lie. But she could also feel the excitement  to see the happiness on avinash’s face .

10 mins later she heard someone turning the knob of the door. Sneha jumped off from the sofa .she tip-toed towards the door and stood behind it. Finally avinash entered and as he was reaching towards the switch board …sneha grabbed him from back and whispered in his ears ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVINASH’.

Avinash was totally shocked and bewildered.he could not believe his ears and more that it was sneha’s voice. For  few seconds he stood their trying to convince his mind what he heard then he finally switched on the lights and saw sneha standing beside him and smiling.

Avinash was totally surprised ..he hugged her tightly and thanked her for arranging all these. He told her that no one ever surprised him like this and it was unmistakenly the best birthday of his life till date.

Sneha took him to the centre table and asked avinash to cut the cake. They both celebrated it well. Had chit chat’s..sneha got lot of appreciation for her pasta and for her effects as she was looking amazingly beautiful (during which she kept on blushing). Then avinash played the music..the title track from humtum. They sat looking at each other..that was the moment when they both could feel love in each other eyes and its rapid progression.

Finally it was time for sneha to go as it was 10.30p.m and she had to reach alisha’s house which was quite far from here. Avinash asked her  to let him give a lift as it was not safe for her to go out alone at this hour for which she agreed. They both drove towards alisha’s house on avinash’s bike ..enjoying it much more than any other day’s ride. Avinash could feel sneha’s hairs blowing on his cheeks and he wished her friend’s house was more far. they reached there in 20mins where she found alisha waiting  and looking at sneha with a smug.

Avinash once again thanked her for the wonderful time  .they both bid each other bye and then she went away inside the hostel.avinash kept on looking at her until the image faded from his eyes.

Suddenly sneha woked up from his dream and realised she was sitting at a coffee shop alone on a table and smiling like a fool.she checked her was 6.35p.m.she tried avinash’s no. again but in vain, again the same statement ‘the customer you are trying to call has switched off the mobile phone please try again after some time’. She smashed the phone on the table and sworn to herself that she will leave in next 5 mins if he doesn’t comes.

Tick tock..1min left..she was raging with anger.she picked up her purse and stood to leave and then only she saw avinash running towards her with a smiling face anda bundle of red roses in his hand and waving at her like an idiot.she kept on staring at him till he came near. She opened her mouth to speak,’where th…’,but was paused in b/w… avinash was sitting on his knees..everybody in the coffee shop staring at the duo of the evening..then he spoked..’I love you sneha..would you like to  spend the rest of your life with me?’…sneha was stunned…astonished..surprised, she could feel her anger vanishing ..her cheeks getting hot..and her heart beating fast ….

to be continued….

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10 turn offs for guys on girls

Posted: January 22, 2010 in TOP 10'S

1.girls talking too much about relationships/commitment.
2. girls having problem with smoking/drinking
3.girls who fall sick too often
4.girls putting too much of lipstick
5.girls nagging
6.girls never letting guys to get naughty
7.girls often getting emotional
8.girls always demanding a 24*7 call service
9.girls spying on their guys/always interrogating
10.girls having too many girl-friends