10 turn offs for girls on guys

Posted: January 21, 2010 in TOP 10'S

1. guys with messy hairs
2. guys yawning too much
3. guys with tattered footwear
4.guys smiling/laughing too much
5.guys eager to have communication with opposite sex
6.guys with chest hairs
7.guys using abusive languages
8.guys making noise while walking
9.guys wearing pink tshirts/ shirts
10.guys with cheap cell phones

11. free from my side –  guys getting nervous in public places and asking questions like – with whom to place the order / which side seats should i book for the movie?/i only have 10rs  in my purse.   !!  sick ..!

  1. Godgeez says:

    ohh gosh! nahiii i ‘ld never be liked by a girl..:((
    i have messy hair
    i am mostly smiling
    i use abusive language, but not in front of girls
    i get nervous in public places :-s

  2. Prachita says:


  3. Prachita says:

    Xply d end lines..

  4. Gypsy says:

    One from my side, men with body odors. Why men don’t take shower regularly. They stink so much sometime, i feel like puking.

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