Colours Connect

Posted: February 5, 2010 in randomz

RED – Blood, lust, passion, materialism and base energies.
Associated with fire, it yields activity, energy and will power.
Those who do not like red can include some red exterior element.

ORANGE – Pride, ambition, communication.
It shows health and vitality.
As it is a colour of fire, it shudn’t be used where the occupant has a volatile nature.

BLUE – Sky and water.
Represents emotions,  inspirations, devotion and truth. colour of mercy and reduces pain in body.
Can be used in children’s bed-rooms.

INDIGO – It creates intution.
Creates balance in left and right brains and in concerned organs like eyes, ears and face.
It is ideal for meditation and study rooms.

VIOLET – Religious devotion, knowledge and temperance.
Enhances spiritualism, memory, concentration, and mental stability.
It is ideal for prayer and study rooms. It is good colour for those who are indecisive.

– Illumination, intellect and high mental activity.
Represents goddess Lakshmi.
Good for studies, for concentration and for stabilising the mind.

– Metaphysical functions like love, sympathy, confidence and jealousy.
It symbolises abundance and rebirth or recreation of ideas.
It has a coding effect on stubborn temperaments.

BLACK – Hatred, black magic, evil and destruction.
It symbolises gothness, darkness and  silence of soul
Boosts confidence and considered as powerfull among all.

– Peace, respect and freshness
symbolises nationalism,elegantness and mental stability
Creator of all colours,magical and good for people with high authority.

  1. isneha says:

    tell me your favourate colour .

  2. Lonestar says:

    goth all theee wy \m/

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