I am falling asleep..

Posted: February 6, 2010 in my creations

when my eyes turn red and i am falling asleep
i need your shoulders to put my head
when my hands are trembling and i am getting too cold
i need your hug to give me warmth.

when it’s dark outside and i cant walk down the lane alone
will you hold my hand in the lonely road and take me safely back home?
can you tell me you wont hate me even when i’m wrong and show me the path and walk along?

when pain pierces deep and i’m turning numb
i want you holding my hand
when madness grabs me and turns me insane,
when the birds are all home and the sky is alone
dear death embrace me and set me free
in this pit of pain , i no more can be.

  1. isneha says:

    This is one of the dearest poem written by me.. it speaks my soul and conveys a message straight from my heart .

  2. godgeez says:

    superb! and..good, v.good.

  3. Dark Angel says:

    penful pawem ae pse aef addwise ahwaid lawng cen10ses 🙂

  4. Prachita says:

    You fall asleep.. i’l cth u >:D<

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