Broken pieces

Posted: February 11, 2010 in my creations

This is the gothic angel hipping you

It’s just in a while that I will turn you insane

People around look at me and ask

Y am I alone.. y am I single?

I know I am gonna have fun

The destiny will bend and ask my wish

To turn all the shadows to sunlight

Muzic will swing around me

Broken slammed yet melodious  notes.


I loved the way you touched me baby

I loved the way u made  me insane

I loved the way u abused me

I loved the way u made me see

That I was never cared

I loved the way u made love to me

I love the way you replaced me

I love the way you made me realise

“we are not gonna happen again !”.


Broken guitar and a broken heart

It’s the only treasure you gave me with full of heart

Unfulfilled desire and uncountable tears

Is what u have left for me to survive

I am an unconquered queen

Trying to google my life and fix things..

I am over with what you had to do with me

I don’t  hate you and neither I love you

Cause sluts like you don’t even deserve

A feeling of hatred by me.

  1. punkuish says:

    sign of a “born writer”

  2. Akshita says:

    I am young to advice you, try to change the font and use paragraphs. I personally don’t enjoy gothic poems though i like this one. May be i try to write a dark poem too.

  3. isneha says:

    i did used..but cause of some w.p flaws it was not visible. i hope its ok for you now . 🙂

  4. Akshita says:

    Yes it is. This is easier to read than before. It is hard to believe a ca student can write so good poems. Keep on writing, you can turn into a great poet someday. Try to write stories too. 🙂

    Love Aksha

  5. Akshita says:

    I have manage to write a poem on similar note to this poem. Please leave a feedback. 🙂

    Love Aksha

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