Posted: February 14, 2010 in my creations

In the light of the darkness

In the touch of the shadow

She searched for love…

In the coldness of the fire

In the warmth of the snow

She searched for love…


Clashing with the unseen scrambles

What better I could get in vain

Unmeasured solitude in the pitch

Unhealed pain and unknown story


A virgin queen with no gems in her crown

A bowl of chocolate  mixed with blood  was all she owned

A mystery untold .. a secret undisclosed

Was the  image she resembled

But still her bosom full of love

Though with hatred and frustrations


And now her  wish remains  incomplete

Thousands  feet down the earth

Waiting for a new birth

Waiting for her unearthed  LOVE ….

  1. Prachita says:

    Happy valentines day poetess

  2. Akshita says:

    Nice poem again. I am bit busy with my exams preparations so irregular with my blogging. In CA you people have what kind of exams ?

  3. SauRaV says:

    Good poem. Your poetry have got better since you last time read me some of your works 🙂

  4. SauRaV says:

    *since last time you read

    jeez my typo errs

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