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Three Idiot’s in my life !

Posted: March 25, 2010 in me|my life

i know the heading is itself seeming idiotic but sorry readers nothing better coming to my mind right now (1.30a.m)!

This post is dedicated to the three most special person in my life the three people whom i want to stay friends with  for eternity 🙂

PRACHITA- shameless ! i know u will be happy as i have written your name  first ! isn’t ? stop that big grin 😛

miss prachita joshi ..i remember this insane stupid childish chick whom i added (i am so proud of that!) on 28th feb2008(don’t get mad at me if the date is wrong ..u know i suck at dates!).love her kiddo smile and her varied expressions  (especially during our cam chat’s) like anything ..the only girl  whom i can think of while listening to romantic numbers :D.. the girl without whom i cant stay a single day without blabbering all utter nonsense ;).. a girl who really makes me feel special. that doesn’t mean we never have a tiff.. we do but ultimately we get back soon together as we both know we are inseparable(love you baby..umaah) thanks for all your support and elderly advises you gave me when i was down… thanks for giving a patient ear to my utter bullshit gyan.. thanks for tolerating my bad moods..thanks for being my  li’l naughty sister..thanks for being my teddy.. thanks for being the only girl-friend in my life 😛 (readers dont take it otherwise … we are 100% genuine straight creatures!). those three days spent with you are still the most memorable days of my life till date. thanks for coming in my life and giving me so many reasons to cherish it and for being the glucose dose 🙂

ROHIT- u know i still wonder how does he tolerates me so much! i leave no point teasing him… shouting at him.. abusing him.. beating him and all sort of nonsense anyone can do to bully some one and still.. still ! he never gets hot on me ! why ?  (am i so good ?.. definitely not  i know!)

this is the guy who’s like an angel in my life.. solves all my problems.. ready to help me 24*7.. fulfill’s all my unwanted demands and still never complains and  expects nothing.

he is stupid..idiotic..fool..behaves like a dehaati(:P)..irritates me most of the times ..doesn’t lets me sleep… but still we are friends the best of friends . someone really said it right “friends may not be perfect but friendship has to be perfect” and i can claim it < few people in this planet share the bond which I and Rohit do.  thanks for being with me dude .. love you for being so.. u deserve all my goodness but still forgive me coz i wont stop bullying you ever in my life and i guess that makes our friendship so different and special 🙂

RAHUL– another of a unique character i have seen in my life. he is a silent soul. gosh! never in my life i have seen him angry on anybody.. truly i need to take lessons from him . he is my computer genius… solves all my techy problems(love you for that)..trying his best to make me gain weight by stuffing me with regular doses of chocolates(i love it though!). i am thankful to you from the deepest bottom of my heart for giving me that sensible advice when i was planning to run away from my home (yes ! i even packed my bags)<“don’t try to make them understand any more ..there’s no space what you feel is right”.. this statement really changed my thinking and i recite this in my mind almost 20 times a day which really helps me keep my cool and keep me happy 🙂 thankyou so .. so very much for that.

thankyou for supporting me in all my decisions and teaching me< “take life as it comes” 🙂

you 3  are the real soul mates of my life with whom i can share my incompleteness.     YOU GUYS REALLY ROCK MY WORLD      .

and yes keep finding ways to bear up with me !  love you all and forever. ummaahhhh

your’s loving  SNEHA 🙂


She’s Just Not That Into You!!

Posted: March 18, 2010 in TOP 10'S

“So….maybe we could go out sometime?”

every time I write a top ten list of things that are super-duper relevant and important.
This time, I’m breakin’ its down for the boys out there. Myself, and many College Candies are not big fans of He’s Just Not That Into You. So I’ve decided to write a rebuttal and tackle the ten signs that She’s Just Not That Into You(with the help of a friend!).

Guys, take note!

10. She stops texting back.

No, my phone isn’t off. It’s never off. I mean, how else would I get Twitter and Facebook  updates 24/7? Not to mention my solitaire addiction. Unless you’re with a girl who doesn’t have a texting plan, she got your text message. If a girl likes you she will answer your text message, guaranteed. She also spent a good twenty minutes thinking up her forty character response.

If she’s just not that into you? You’ll get no response or “lol yeah” for an answer. For the record? “Lol yeah” is the kiss of death, homeboy. Please don’t text three times back to back. It’s desperate. No, I don’t want to hang out with you, and NO I don’t really have a boyfriend – I just said that because I didn’t want to tell you the harsh truth: you’re a straight up creeper and you’re in my address book as “Weirdo Scumbag.” Get the hint.

9. She avoids physical contact at all costs
PDA is gross. Hand holding can be stupid. If we are rejecting even kisses on the cheek or flinch when your leg brushes against us? Yeah, it’s hairy and kinda gross, but there’s something more: you’re in the “friend zone.”

8. She’s. Not. Amused.
If we like you, no matter how stupid and corny your jokes are, we’ll laugh. Oh yeah, we will. Even if we just giggle and say, “that’s cheesy,” girls will still make a point to smile, even at the corniest of jokes.
Boy-toy: How do you keep a rhinocerous from charging?
Girl: I don’t know, how?
Boy-toy: You take away his credit card!
Girl (over-enthusiastically): HAHAHA OMG ! you have such a good sense of humor!
Boy-toy (thinking): I know, right? Ugh I am the MAN! That joke is effin’ hilarious!

7. She talks about other cute boys, crushes and dates in front of you.
No brainer. Enjoy hearing, “No, he’s just my good friend.”

6. You don’t know if her family/friends like you.

Here are some tip-offs:

– She hasn’t introduced you to her circle of friends or family.
– She hasn’t brought you home.
– She doesn’t talk about you to her mom.
– She doesn’t talk about you to anyone.
– Even her beloved pekingese puppy (who she tells everything to) hasn’t heard your name.

She’s just not that into you. Neither is her fluffy pooch.

5. She doesn’t freak out about things
You’re going out with another girl. Go ahead! You think her best friend’s hot? She asks if you want her number. You didn’t call her back because you thought you were playing “hard to get”? She doesn’t even mention it. Didn’t remember her birthday? Big deal, it’s just a birthday. You blew her off last minute for a formal? Awesome, because you were the fifth person she asked and that hottie in Chem 101 just became available. You’re a last resort, sorry!

4. She talks openly about bodily functions.

She doesn’t try and cover up the nasty noises that come out of her after eating too many two samosas. She challenges you to burping contests. You’re more familiar with her digestive tract than your own. Gross. She’s not that into you….but she should be into some Pepto-bismol.

3. She’s got a boyfriend/fiancée/husband/ex that she’s sleeping with.

She’s attached. Odds are high that she won’t dump Mr. Whoever for you. She might even be lying about a boyfriend to get rid of you. Not that I’ve used that line before… or like… this morning. Oops.

2. She’s really busy with school/work/feeding her goldfish.

If a girl likes you, she will always make the time for you, every damn day. There is not one single chic on this planet who can’t carve out a measly five minutes of her day to contact you in some shape or form. You deserve better, don’t be last on her “to-do list” right under “re-organize all the Tupperware in my apt.”

1. She doesn’t Facebook you back
Might sound stupid, but this is HUGE. With the way technology is today, Facebook is as available to everyone as text messaging. Not to mention, girls LOVE Facebook. If she can take the time to become a fan of  Shahid Kapoor, she can take the time to write on your wall, message you back or poke you in a timely manner. And if she hearts you, she will want everyone on FB to know.

Turning down MR.PERFECT

Posted: March 11, 2010 in randomz
mr perfectI had him. And I pushed him away.

I moved to  city for an internship a few months ago, completely unattached for the first time in what felt like forever. I was so happy to be living totally independent on earth and ready to have the best time of my life. I didn’t come to the city looking for anyone or anything, just to experience city life in it’s fullest. I had no intention of dating. In fact, after the year i’d, it was the last thing on my mind.

Of course, it’s always when you’re not looking that you find someone.

He was ideal in every way. Ivy league grad, held a great job, sweet, very athletic, great looking and he even liked decent music. Not to mention he took me out on real dates (not just guest swiping me into a dining hall), tried to kiss me in public, held my hand… he did everything right. Hell, he even extended his texting plan because I told him I preferred texting to phone calls.

But no matter what, I just couldn’t put my guard down. I flinched when he tried to kiss me in front of people and cringed when he started referring to us as “in a relationship.” I was still single on Facebook; didn’t that mean anything?

The more time we spent together, the further I pulled away. Maybe it was a function of our age difference, but I started to question if there was something wrong with me. I liked spending time with him and everything, but I wasn’t ready to be his girlfriend. After all the a-holes I’d been with who cheated on me, lied to me, used and under-appreciated me, you’d think I’d be jumping for joy for this guy. On the contrary, I was terrified. I didn’t and do not want a boyfriend and I’m not interested in experiencing committal at age 22. Words like “girlfriend” and “relationship” strike fear into my heart.

A few months of dating and he began to notice that I wasn’t breaking down and tried to convince me to be more “mushy.” I’m not mushy. I’m a sweet girl, I laugh and smile a lot. I love hugging people and I enjoy doing nice things. However, I’m far from romantic at this juncture in my life. Even the flowers he got me made me barf a little in my mouth.  He continued to refer to us being “in a relationship” and implying that we were boyfriend/girlfriend.

Finally, after realizing that I was simply leading this poor guy on, we had the talk. And it was weird. Not only because we did it at my favorite bar while sipping on overpriced martinis (that he paid for), but because it was total role reversal. I was telling him things that guys normally tell girls when they want them to stop being clingy or assume that they’re girlfriend material. I told him I wasn’t ready for a commitment, I wasn’t looking to be a girlfriend and I wanted to slow down and maybe make things on a more “as needed” basis. You know, the “we can still be friends…I’m emotionally challenged” speech. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, lord knows I have.

He said he wanted to think about it, that he wasn’t sure if a laid back thing was in his best interests. He left me a note in the morning on my bed (yes, I stupidly brought him home with me…) detailing that “dating without romance doesn’t come naturally to me” and that he was more interested in a relationship. Goodbye. Good luck. Etc.

And there I was, alone in my bed, totally confused.

Did I seriously just end things with an awesome guy just because he wanted to be romantic and be my boyfriend? Isn’t that what I’ve always wanted – someone who liked me and wasn’t afraid of showing it?

What’s wrong with me? How could I pass up something great? Am I shell-shocked from the ghost of relationships past? Am I destined to die completely alone (not even as a crazy cat lady because I just hate cats way too much)? Did I just pass on the last good guy on earth? And what do I do now?

How do I fix this?

expressing to my best

Posted: March 9, 2010 in me|my life

seemingly i have no definite purpose for writing down this post .. its almost 1.30 a.m and have no sleep in my eyes and fortunately i am not feeling like studying.

so if u readers are trying to find something worthy here ,  skip this page its utter bullshit for you.

the only annoying thing i did tonight was to read amit’s blog for  he told me “if you are really following my blog do read it now” kept on wondering inside my mind(though i hardly read his blog) and it has to end this way for the upcoming peacefull these days (atleast!!)

my eyes glued to the posts on which gayatri has specifically commented and i am myself counting down the reasons for  doing so . the reason(s)may be < 1. i want to know how much closer she has been to amit 2.has she written anything about me 3. why did she actually commented(a useless one i know)4. i don’t know or possibly not able to write it down.

so miss gayatri if u ever read my blog i have a message for you < ” i hate you like anything , you bother or not, you are a motherfucking bitch, a whore and whatever abuses ever made in this world  are dedicated to you and if i ever get a wish from a genie i would want to kill you ”

reason < 1. you are so called as amit’s best friend 2. you captured my place in amit’s life 3. i am his x girlfriend and he still contacts me (whenever his impulses/hypocracy allows) and so deprived of the happiness of ‘moving on’

i know at my this post many would be laughing and making fun of me but the thing is i cant help my emotions to stay stable and after all its my blog and i have full freedom to express.  i hate someone , which may be a stupid reason for rest of the people in this world , is the most major reason for the pain in my life .

the thing is < nothing is impossible in this world and i believe someday i would stop hating you and amit as for that day you both would be a ‘nobody in my life’ and that will be the day when i will taste the real happiness of being ‘single’ and possibly can ever get hooked to someone.

A dear FRIEND :)

Posted: March 5, 2010 in my creations

wondering in the shades of an everlasting desire
i found a glimpse of light in you,
nurturing me with all the vows of friendship,
i owe my every feeling to you.

mesmerised by your deep pityfull eyes
i see a new image of a re-improved me
selfless, trustworthy, crazy, amazing
are some of the few names i can only impose for you.

i may b not the one i want to be
i may not mean to you as much as you mean to me
but still my heart knows one rythm
in whose every beats resides your name.

disgraced, dissapointed, betrayed when i turn to you
you always lend your helping hand, which makes me feel blissfull.

i may not be good at expressing like others,
i always fall short of words
but in one word if am told to describe us
“*BEST FREINDS*” is what i can whisper at my best.