expressing to my best

Posted: March 9, 2010 in me|my life

seemingly i have no definite purpose for writing down this post .. its almost 1.30 a.m and have no sleep in my eyes and fortunately i am not feeling like studying.

so if u readers are trying to find something worthy here ,  skip this page its utter bullshit for you.

the only annoying thing i did tonight was to read amit’s blog for  he told me “if you are really following my blog do read it now” kept on wondering inside my mind(though i hardly read his blog) and it has to end this way for the upcoming peacefull these days (atleast!!)

my eyes glued to the posts on which gayatri has specifically commented and i am myself counting down the reasons for  doing so . the reason(s)may be < 1. i want to know how much closer she has been to amit 2.has she written anything about me 3. why did she actually commented(a useless one i know)4. i don’t know or possibly not able to write it down.

so miss gayatri if u ever read my blog i have a message for you < ” i hate you like anything , you bother or not, you are a motherfucking bitch, a whore and whatever abuses ever made in this world  are dedicated to you and if i ever get a wish from a genie i would want to kill you ”

reason < 1. you are so called as amit’s best friend 2. you captured my place in amit’s life 3. i am his x girlfriend and he still contacts me (whenever his impulses/hypocracy allows) and so deprived of the happiness of ‘moving on’

i know at my this post many would be laughing and making fun of me but the thing is i cant help my emotions to stay stable and after all its my blog and i have full freedom to express.  i hate someone , which may be a stupid reason for rest of the people in this world , is the most major reason for the pain in my life .

the thing is < nothing is impossible in this world and i believe someday i would stop hating you and amit as for that day you both would be a ‘nobody in my life’ and that will be the day when i will taste the real happiness of being ‘single’ and possibly can ever get hooked to someone.

  1. Gayatri says:


  2. myriadangels says:

    well, i dunno which gayatri left dat comment at d 1st place.. I read ur blog days ago, wsnt really bothred to comment.. but dis has forced me to do so. True, u r measuring me wid ur own shoes.Whtevr it is, its between u n him, n m no closer to him than a frnd wud b.

    • isneha says:

      really! your’s this comment shows how much you are not interested in my blog and the comments !
      and regarding ‘me and him’.. i guess you are majorly mistaken here..its now between ‘you and him’ and i even know how much closer you have been to him and why were you upset (whatever bullshit it was !) sometimes back!
      whatever it is ..i am no more in his life.
      yes one more thing ! this was ( first and) the last thing i wrote for you guys do not worry !
      cheers ! 🙂

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