Three Idiot’s in my life !

Posted: March 25, 2010 in me|my life

i know the heading is itself seeming idiotic but sorry readers nothing better coming to my mind right now (1.30a.m)!

This post is dedicated to the three most special person in my life the three people whom i want to stay friends with  for eternity 🙂

PRACHITA- shameless ! i know u will be happy as i have written your name  first ! isn’t ? stop that big grin 😛

miss prachita joshi ..i remember this insane stupid childish chick whom i added (i am so proud of that!) on 28th feb2008(don’t get mad at me if the date is wrong ..u know i suck at dates!).love her kiddo smile and her varied expressions  (especially during our cam chat’s) like anything ..the only girl  whom i can think of while listening to romantic numbers :D.. the girl without whom i cant stay a single day without blabbering all utter nonsense ;).. a girl who really makes me feel special. that doesn’t mean we never have a tiff.. we do but ultimately we get back soon together as we both know we are inseparable(love you baby..umaah) thanks for all your support and elderly advises you gave me when i was down… thanks for giving a patient ear to my utter bullshit gyan.. thanks for tolerating my bad moods..thanks for being my  li’l naughty sister..thanks for being my teddy.. thanks for being the only girl-friend in my life 😛 (readers dont take it otherwise … we are 100% genuine straight creatures!). those three days spent with you are still the most memorable days of my life till date. thanks for coming in my life and giving me so many reasons to cherish it and for being the glucose dose 🙂

ROHIT- u know i still wonder how does he tolerates me so much! i leave no point teasing him… shouting at him.. abusing him.. beating him and all sort of nonsense anyone can do to bully some one and still.. still ! he never gets hot on me ! why ?  (am i so good ?.. definitely not  i know!)

this is the guy who’s like an angel in my life.. solves all my problems.. ready to help me 24*7.. fulfill’s all my unwanted demands and still never complains and  expects nothing.

he is stupid..idiotic..fool..behaves like a dehaati(:P)..irritates me most of the times ..doesn’t lets me sleep… but still we are friends the best of friends . someone really said it right “friends may not be perfect but friendship has to be perfect” and i can claim it < few people in this planet share the bond which I and Rohit do.  thanks for being with me dude .. love you for being so.. u deserve all my goodness but still forgive me coz i wont stop bullying you ever in my life and i guess that makes our friendship so different and special 🙂

RAHUL– another of a unique character i have seen in my life. he is a silent soul. gosh! never in my life i have seen him angry on anybody.. truly i need to take lessons from him . he is my computer genius… solves all my techy problems(love you for that)..trying his best to make me gain weight by stuffing me with regular doses of chocolates(i love it though!). i am thankful to you from the deepest bottom of my heart for giving me that sensible advice when i was planning to run away from my home (yes ! i even packed my bags)<“don’t try to make them understand any more ..there’s no space what you feel is right”.. this statement really changed my thinking and i recite this in my mind almost 20 times a day which really helps me keep my cool and keep me happy 🙂 thankyou so .. so very much for that.

thankyou for supporting me in all my decisions and teaching me< “take life as it comes” 🙂

you 3  are the real soul mates of my life with whom i can share my incompleteness.     YOU GUYS REALLY ROCK MY WORLD      .

and yes keep finding ways to bear up with me !  love you all and forever. ummaahhhh

your’s loving  SNEHA 🙂

  1. icespice says:

    D big grin yeahh baby..u guessd it so ri8.. lik no1 you always know the true me! you r my superrrrrbhhh angel lady love magnima n al d best compliments awards n tags 4r you I LOVE YOU FOR EVRYTHING.. FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.. youu.. bitchh yes you conquered my heart n al d speacial places in my heart .. muaahh! stop imagining n blushing nw melty soull.. love al d good n bad times we shared! n dam wordpress isnt d r8 place to write illegal things lol.. wait till we meet >3 you are simply gone!!! D date is ofcoarse wong.. n u gt @#$%^ 4r ______ chuk 😛 You are my silver lining who completes me al d way more! *hearts*kissess*cuddels*

  2. ROHIT says:

    thanks for making one important idiot of ur life 🙂 n for making meh so special…!
    n u said it perfect dat dere may b few in dis planet wid da bond dat we share or we might b da only one.. 🙂 n dont worry i will b always dere 4 u as i hv been for da rest of ur life…n also wont stop irritating u… 😛 love u always…….muahhhhhh 🙂

  3. Akshita says:

    You don’t have to miss me anymore. Major part of my exams are over. #Breathes a fresh air 😀

  4. Akshita says:

    I love reading your poems, i have missed so many of them. I will read them one by one.

  5. Rahul says:

    thanks a lot sneha for making me a part of ur life, i’M ALWAYS walking behind u and will never expect u 2 turn back when ur happy , but whenever ur in trouble no need 2 turn back just stop n I’ll join u .. 🙂

    Obviously My mission is still goin on to make u gain weight .. miss chocoholic ..!! 😛
    btw .. has anybody informed u that u really need to consult a Psychiatrist … he he 😀

    Keep smiling 🙂
    take care

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