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You can win too !!

Posted: June 20, 2010 in Articles

People may find me obnoxious.. proudy..egiostic or being exaggerating   my potential capabilities… but the thing which I strongly believe is that I don’t consider myself belonging to any ‘stereotype’.

At 22 years of age , I have met people  belonging to almost all types of backgrounds and yet I couldn’t identify myself with any of them. In fact  I disliked most of them, especially the female, who limit themselves to the feminine boundary created by the society hypocrites.

Where as for me, there is no limit to how far one can go in life, strongly ignoring the gender discrimination.

No matter how much women are successful, such as , Pratibha Patil or Sunita Williams or whether it is Pt. Usha , India is still a male dominated country , where women are given the second importance and are considered to be borne for household works.

I, a small town girl, aspire to change this perspective  of lakhs of  people, especially girls  who ignore their dreams, their talents , who do have capabilities to stand among the top, but never utilize them just because of societal and family barriers, causing not only a loss of oneself but also a National loss.

I chose C.A. as a profession with no doubt, having similar dreams like many of my colleagues, of being a professional, earning money, living a well sophisticated life etc. but the foremost and most important is being among  the few women who actually have their own firm and to enlighten the thousand others who don’t.

It’s sad to say that only 4% of women C.A’s practice their profession. Most work in some company , earn well enough for 2~3 years and then get married thinking their in-laws have enough money so job is not needed or some of them who continue to work after marriage until they are overloaded with responsibilities of relationships!

With this piece of writing I want to convey a message to all the females in this country –

Dream high only then you can fight to fulfill them. Don’t let yourself captured w ithin the shackles of society. We have only one life to live, one life to create a identity of our own which can’t be bought from money. So  break free ! and join me in this struggle of life.

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My Lifetime Favourate Movies

Posted: June 19, 2010 in me|my life


  • Hum aapke hain kaun
  • Salaam namaste
  • Dilwaale dulhaniya le jaayenge
  • Nayak
  • Aamir
  • Veer zaara
  • Dhoom 2
  • Deewar
  • Jaaneman
  • Silsila
  • Bunty aur Bubli
  • Andaaz apna apna
  • Jab we met
  • Kuch kuch hota hai
  • Three idiots
  • No entry
  • Being cyrus
  • Jo jeeta wahi sikandar
  • Jaane tu ya jaane naa
  • Black
  • Zubeidaa
  • Main hoon naa
  • Koi mil gaya
  • Taare zameen par
  • judwaa
  • pyaar ke side effects
  • Mr India
  • Golmaal
  • Guru
  • Chandni baar
  • Heraa Pheri
  • Ghazini
  • Soldier
  • Kal ho naa ho
  • Kya kehna
  • Maine pyaar kiya


  • Baby’s day out
  • Godzilla series
  • Harry porter series
  • The notebook
  • The illutionist
  • Perfume
  • The lord of rings
  • Spiderman  series
  • Blade
  • The sex and the city series
  • Twilight series
  • Sherlock holmes
  • Vertical limit
  • The girl next door
  • The curse of the jade scorpion
  • Ratatouille
  • Transformer series
  • Penelope
  • Wanted
  • Artificial Intelligence

So amazing..

Posted: June 16, 2010 in randomz

Summer, winter, spring, and fall
I’ll be around to catch ya calls
Cause you’re my baby
And I adore you
You always brighten up my day
I never ever let you wait
Cause you’re my baby
And you’re amazing

I’m from city to city to shop the show
See me I been gridin’ across the globe
I hustle hard to get the grib fa sho’
So when I make time to call you, you should pick up the phone
Tell me, whats on your mind when you’re alone
Have ya touchin’ on yourself, girl all in the zone
Now if I turned you on
What things I say would I be wrong
Then I wouldn’t wanna be right
Matter fact I’d be on the next flight
Tryna get it on with you tonight
Do the things you like
Touch the right spot, have ya piped and hot
While the wind blow through your hair in the drop
Just lay back, relax to the sounds of the sex
And let me to what I do until you climax
You can go straight to sleep after its all over
In the mornin’ roll over and we can start over

Yeah I called just to say hope you havin’ a nice day
You’re special, I get into you, oops I mean I’m into you
Every chance I get, I find time to spend with you
Jet to bring you to me, just to watch a movie
Better yet to watch you climb into the jacuzzi
Bubbles in the bath, don in the glass
Funny how time flies when you full of laughs
Its fun but before long, a nigga gotta dash
For the lifestyle I live, a nigga need cash
To come quick, so I don’t fuck with the stash
I know you like pumps and boots
I like jeeps and coupes, so I grind all the time, just gimme some loot
I put a spell on you, I like to call it a spell
In the bedroom, workin’ it well, I don’t kiss and tell
But I don’t care if you kiss and tell
You can tell your girlfriend the details

Summer, winter, spring, and fall
I’ll be around to catch ya calls
Cause you’re my baby
And I adore you
You always brighten up my day
I never ever let you wait
Cause you’re my baby
And you’re amazing amazing

Your sweetie ended it, that heartless girl. Now your future is in shambles. You feel the need to panic and beg for her back. You’ll do anything to make things right.

But no matter how you try, you can’t get back to that little spot of sunlight where you were so comfortable and safe.

There’s only one thing left for you to do:  Forget her. I know it’s not as easy as it sounds, but with this blueprint, you’ll forget that girl and pick up the pieces of your shattered heart — and manhood — in no time.
1- Take her off that pedestal
Don’t idolize her and build her up into something great. She is nothing of the sort. So don’t gaze lovingly at pictures of her. Don’t jump to answer her e-mail or phone calls. And definitely don’t go out of your way for her. She no longer deserves preferential treatment.
2- Get closure
It’s essential to definitively end any hopes of reconciliation between the two of you. And if you can’t get that into your head, she owes you the courtesy of it crystal clear. She needs to tell you: “I never loved you. I don’t love you now. We’ll never get back together.” After some prodding, she’ll probably do it, just to get rid of you. It provides what therapists call “closure.” And you can begin to heal.
3- Don’t contact her
After the relationship reaches finality, you have to break off contact or you will go mad. Don’t beg or cry. Don’t drunk-dial. Don’t write her e-mail. Don’t send packages or CDs. Don’t dedicate a song to her on the radio. Get the picture? She will find you if she wants to. And even if you can talk your way back into her arms, it’s only a temporary reprieve. She already knows you want her back, and she doesn’t care. Take that as a sign.
4- Get negative feelings out on paper
Write her a letter pouring out your negative and weepy feelings, then disassociate them from yourself. Throw the letter away or burn it. But definitely don’t send it to her. You will only regret it. She will show her friends and her new boyfriend. And they will all share a good laugh.
5- Avoid her friends & the places she hangs
Don’t venture into her territory. You won’t be welcome. Find new places to hang out for the first few months and make new friends, if necessary. If any of your friends insist on maintaining contact with her, you may have to shut them out, too — at least temporarily. After some time has passed, you should go back to living normally, and that means hanging out at these places and reconnecting with mutual friends.

6- Throw away anything that reminds you of her
You don’t have to burn it all, but definitely get pictures, gifts, clothing, letters, and e-mail out of your living area, or at least out of your line of vision. If that means giving away roughly half of your wardrobe to get rid of the memory of her, so be it. As a rule of thumb, if the object reminds you of your ex, discard it. This can save your sanity.
7- Don’t try to get your stuff back
Unless it’s a diamond ring or something that’s one-of-a-kind, you’re better off not contacting her to get it back. DVDs, clothes, your extra toothbrush… just let ’em go. They’re only possessions. Don’t exchange your dignity for menial belongings.
8- Hang out with your friends
Let your buddies give you a reality check on how your ex wasn’t all that to begin with, and that there are more fish in the sea. A little male camaraderie can go a long way towards getting your head straight. We’ve all been detonated by a woman before and most of us will likely get detonated again.
9- Exercise your newfound freedom
Freedom is always intoxicating. There’s a world of activities you can partake in that you were never able to enjoy because your “other half” didn’t approve. So indulge. Travel. Build a model ship. Go hiking. Play video games on your computer. Watch TV all weekend. Do anything you want. Why not start boxing? Ideally, you want to find an activity that allows you to release your anger and alleviate stress.
10- Remember the bad times
If you feel nostalgic, then think of all the times she was a bitch to you. That should do it. Remember the time she made you wait by platform/bus-stand? Or the time she reminded you not too drink too much in front of your posse? Nobody wants that back.

AND if you still can’t help yourself ..LET me tell you ‘YOU LOST A REAL GIRL’.. you are the one who is a bastered..a morone.. a motherfucker (think rest of the abuses yourself, you know it better) .. realise your mistake try to get her back before it’s too late and she finds her ‘MR.PERFECT’ .. GO  YOU LOOSER !