You can win too !!

Posted: June 20, 2010 in Articles

People may find me obnoxious.. proudy..egiostic or being exaggerating   my potential capabilities… but the thing which I strongly believe is that I don’t consider myself belonging to any ‘stereotype’.

At 22 years of age , I have met people  belonging to almost all types of backgrounds and yet I couldn’t identify myself with any of them. In fact  I disliked most of them, especially the female, who limit themselves to the feminine boundary created by the society hypocrites.

Where as for me, there is no limit to how far one can go in life, strongly ignoring the gender discrimination.

No matter how much women are successful, such as , Pratibha Patil or Sunita Williams or whether it is Pt. Usha , India is still a male dominated country , where women are given the second importance and are considered to be borne for household works.

I, a small town girl, aspire to change this perspective  of lakhs of  people, especially girls  who ignore their dreams, their talents , who do have capabilities to stand among the top, but never utilize them just because of societal and family barriers, causing not only a loss of oneself but also a National loss.

I chose C.A. as a profession with no doubt, having similar dreams like many of my colleagues, of being a professional, earning money, living a well sophisticated life etc. but the foremost and most important is being among  the few women who actually have their own firm and to enlighten the thousand others who don’t.

It’s sad to say that only 4% of women C.A’s practice their profession. Most work in some company , earn well enough for 2~3 years and then get married thinking their in-laws have enough money so job is not needed or some of them who continue to work after marriage until they are overloaded with responsibilities of relationships!

With this piece of writing I want to convey a message to all the females in this country –

Dream high only then you can fight to fulfill them. Don’t let yourself captured w ithin the shackles of society. We have only one life to live, one life to create a identity of our own which can’t be bought from money. So  break free ! and join me in this struggle of life.

  1. Rohit says:

    I m proud of you… :->

  2. Prachita says:

    Truely agree with you ..
    1more point need to be added –
    According to me…….the domestic activitys in household should be shrared equally amongst evryone… (men n women) No one is inferior or superior. Should be same for all.
    As gurls are taught to cook n make themselfs knwon of household activitys, so should the boys be by their parents in the same age as gurls.
    If men n women are equal, we need to change our own thoughts. First make the change regarding this in yourself n your family. Then the society will get to know the importance of equality in each n evrything.
    Charity begins at home

  3. Akshita says:

    I vote for equality for both girls and boys. Society do create the rules and norms that suits their rationality. Although the things are changing but the scene remains same of the wider side of the story. It is good to see our generation is taking their own stand. 🙂
    Well, you are from which small town ?

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