blogging away days..

Posted: July 3, 2010 in randomz

Dear Reader,

Well, I couldn’t stay away for 10 days from the Web.

I made it to-day 8 and then faced the fact: for better or worse, the internet is my office, my media library, as well as my news and information bureau. It also saves a lot of time when travelling around.

In the days away from it, I filled the gaps of time with watching TV news (not very thorough and not the news I’m generally looking for), and not really writing much more than I normally do. I didn’t exercise more  (I do two hours a day of either walking, cycling or some other activity), nor did I read more.

In fact, I read less during this time.

I guess I’m disciplined as a blogger as it is — my output has been the same whether I’m websurfing or not.

Also, being able to research subjects online is a huge benefit to a student — and I missed it on those days.

Social media, for me, is a conversation now and then with my online buddies and share a part of their life . I do most of my tweets, facebooking and scribding while locked in my room.  I’m not neglecting anyone at home in favor of the internet.

Well, maybe the mouse. But she sleeps during the day, anyway.

I rarely leave my home  much during the week when writing, so the internet provides me with a quick way to find information, read the news, and see what’s going on in the world — all during the little breaks in my study schedule.

So, what I learned from a few days of separation from the w.p:

The writing actually reduced the time I would spend doing the same things.

i could actually learn a lot of things to cook. went out in search of finding a decent job to pass my vacation and collect some bucks for my extra needed stuffs… roamed a lot in the city .. went to many companies.. actually conversed a lot with my mom(which i generally never did ! ).

This is one recent example, but I can find many more.  Contrary to what I was concerned about, the internet actually isn’t a time-suck for me.

It’s a time-booster.

It’s true that if I’m avoiding something, I’ll web-surf and think I’m accomplishing something — but I suspect this is my “turn-off-my-mind” time. I’d probably fill it with bad T.V. shows,  or some other time-wasting activity that’s actually about allowing the mind a little bit of a goof off. I think goofing off time is important.

But I don’t spend time getting caught up in message board soap opera or arguing in comments areas (well, except maybe here on my own website — we’ll see!)  My facebook time is productive — I’m nearly always completing some work besides or cooking something  when doing it, so that I specifically feel that I’m not wasting the time so much as distracting myself from what otherwise might be a boring moment or three.

Plus, I value these conversations with readers and writers.

So, I am on the side of the internet as a time-saver and in many cases, a wallet-saver, too.

What about you?


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