Things i like to do on sunday :)

Posted: July 18, 2010 in me|my life

SUNDAY .. i really never waited for ‘Sunday’ so much..i wish it was a longer…may be of 48 hrs or better would have come twice a week.
yes .. people are true.. having a job gives you money.. a sense of security..knowledge etcetra but for creatures like me ..who loves to spend time with oneself are badly affected .. and this i could have understood only when i myself have started working since past 2 weeks.
i never know ..when the day starts and when it ceases.. wake up at 6.30..get ready.. travel .. reach office..check out the last days incomplete pending work.. meeting clients.. note downs.. report ..leave home .. 1/2hr t.v ..scrabble around my small F.B page.. few lines on g talk and then suddenly i remember its too late now.. have dinner and sleep.. huh ! yes it’s very hectic !!
So now as i know i have no way to get out of it without sacrificing ‘ my time with myself ‘ … i decided to work little bit on ‘time-management’ ..where i can utilize my sun-day efficiently and satisfactorily .
so here it goes..
1. wake up as late as possible (but damn i am never able to sleep beyond 8a.m. .. my housemates never let me :X)
2. walk leisurely ..brush.. freshen up.. tea( it works like a drug for me ) .. a small walk on terrace
3. cook for breakfast ..have it and then watch t.v for some 1 hr.
4. shower for minimum 1 hr.. on my laptop and do t.p
5. drawing.. poetry.. dancing..magazines.. n.p.. music..checking for any pending works
6. afternoon – chit-chat with buddy’s .. sleep (if i get )
7. evening – watch cartoons.. music.. t.v .. eating in kitchen to cook dinner(if i am in mood)
8. scrabble online.. chit-chat… market to buy weekly stuffs
9.shower .. dinner ..
10. sleep peacefully 🙂

  1. Amazing post. I have bookmarked your site. I am looking forward to reading more

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