Posted: October 2, 2010 in my creations

What remains..

Are recollections

of time less darkened

When the sun shone pompously

The stars sparkled cooquently

Life turned a new leaf

The grass turned a new green.

What remains….

Are frustrations and depression

Ended relations and incomprehensible emotions

Miserable observations and no better conclusions

Drunken statures, supposedly smoked vindications

Tears apart, only desolations.

What remains…..

The lines of a defeated poet

Writhing in pain on the rebound

Nothing has been left to turn around

Exceeding passions with lessened emtions

Scared with the bruns of misread conclusions.

And only wishes that…….

The stars didn’t lose their sparkle

The sun doesn’t lose its fire

Flinting an ever burning desire

Wishes that life hadn’t changed like this

The grass didn’t lose its colour

And you weren’t there……..

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