teddy has to say this on my b’day :)

Posted: December 1, 2010 in me|my life
Prachita Joshi November 30 at 2:25p.m

write about you? ah well.. i can a book. Nothing new about dis.
You knw dat you hv been my bestiee since 2.5 long years. by now you should b knowing but again i officialy declare dat you r my “ONLY ONLY ONLY DAMMMN” bestie. πŸ˜€
i cn see that whimziical grin on yur face n dose typisy teeth. :p
“tum ho toh sara jahan tum nahi… toh ….laallalalalala πŸ™‚ blah blah blah!!!!! πŸ˜›

You are my soulmate . my everthing re.. n you r so faaaaaar eeeeeeeh.. CHIII :(((
FUTURE MAI better CM HERE. ill have a live hv A “LIVE – IN GF” … we ‘l hv bfz by dat time n we’l tel dem.. useless you are in front of my gf. hehehe.. πŸ˜€ Koi doubt mat rakhna πŸ˜‰

Abhi gting back to only “YOU”
You r my bestestestestestestest n ever far dan dat best friend.

You r my angel.. You r my bubbly bee.. You r iceeeyyyy diceeeyy nicee.. muah yummy. πŸ˜› i love you d way you r. You hurt me at times but i dont mind because its your alter-ego 4me dat beats you hard. n i like dat you love me sooooooo mchh.. We r spl 2 ppl who live 360 dgz round india n cant live a sec w/o toking with eachother. AGain we ahhhhh… “WE” basicaly wt m writting is about us. i just cnt exclude myself away wen m toking about you πŸ™‚

Thankx 4 each n evry smile on my face. (uncountable)
Thankx 4 being my caretaker,supporter,mother,baby,sister.
Thankx 4 making me a part of you.
Thanx 4 al d pain weneva you hv had just 4r me.
Thanx al d gifts you hv sent me. Blvh me i hv seen ppl turning black with jealousy becuz of em πŸ˜€
Thanx 4 rocking my woaaaarld…
Thanx 4 waking me up at 5-6–7am………GOD I MISS THOSE MORNINGS. I DONT MIND IF U START CALLING ME AGAIN :P. kiddin.
Thanx 4 scolding me,pampering me,bribeing me
Always b dr 4me. Its an order.

Sneha you gonah have a sexy future. i swear. I HV SEEN YOU CHANGING 4RM 17TH OCT ‘ 10 wen you made a discovery which was a fact ages back. You r njoying yur life….smiling….not crying 4 foolish reasonzzz. so NEVER CHANGE !
I hope to meet you each n evryday of my life after few years, acly dats a wish i have πŸ™‚
You hv 2 bestest male friends rahul n rohit. GOD wat vil hppn of der wifes if dey ‘l kip loving you so much πŸ˜› M happy dey tk my plaace atleast wen m nt dr. NOT LITERALY my place. i knw πŸ™‚ but dey chill my baby down. hehe.

TO BE CONTD NEXT weneva you wAnt me 2 πŸ™‚ MUAHZ CUCHIPIEE

ya b4 ending 2dayzzzzz 30th TTTTweeeeeeeesdayyyyyy YAY :)))




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