love unexplainable …

Posted: December 26, 2010 in randomz
”As the flick of sunlight touches my eyes,
I hurriedly opened my window to see the skies;
Only then can I know and feel
That somewhere out there, I can tell
My Love, my Sweetheart remembers me
…With her divine face fully painted with a lovely smile;

I feel the air touching my face
Imagining it’s my Love doing the grace;
I grab the wind in my arms hugging it tight,
My Love is sending me love in air even if I’m out of her sight;
I feel the cold breeze giving me a sweet kiss
It’s my Love, I know, this is such heavenly bliss;

With her image vivid in me, I can start my day right
As I hold on to her love so pure and bright;
I know I would be safe, secured and guided
And never would feel any doubt or be troubled;
Trials that this day would bring
I’m pretty sure it will all be nothing…

Coz I know you’re just there my Darling…”

  1. Prachita says:

    muah 🙂

    • Ansuman Agarwal says:

      superb post, great writing…….keep going…inspiritional writing.
      Thnx 4 Sharing….
      If its ur imagination then keep writing……

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