love unexplainable …

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”As the flick of sunlight touches my eyes,
I hurriedly opened my window to see the skies;
Only then can I know and feel
That somewhere out there, I can tell
My Love, my Sweetheart remembers me
…With her divine face fully painted with a lovely smile;

I feel the air touching my face
Imagining it’s my Love doing the grace;
I grab the wind in my arms hugging it tight,
My Love is sending me love in air even if I’m out of her sight;
I feel the cold breeze giving me a sweet kiss
It’s my Love, I know, this is such heavenly bliss;

With her image vivid in me, I can start my day right
As I hold on to her love so pure and bright;
I know I would be safe, secured and guided
And never would feel any doubt or be troubled;
Trials that this day would bring
I’m pretty sure it will all be nothing…

Coz I know you’re just there my Darling…”


A story very much my life..

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A man was sleeping at night in his cabin when suddenly his room filled with light. An angel appeared, showed a large rock in front of his cabin and asked him to push against the rock with all his might. This the man did, day after day. For many years he toiled from sun up to sun down, his shoulders set squarely against the cold, massive surface of the unmoving rock. Nothing happened. And he decided to make it a matter of prayer. “Lord I have labored long and hard in your service, putting all my strength to do that which you have asked. Yet, after all this time, I have not even been able to budge that rock. What is wrong? Why am I failing?” The angel appeared again : “My friend, I told you that your task was to push against the rock with all your strength. Never once did I mention to you that I expected you to move it. And now you come to me with your strength spent, thinking that you have failed. But, is that really so?” “Look at yourself. Your arms are strong and muscled, your back sinewy and brown, your hands are callused from constant pressure, and your legs have become massive and hard. “Through opposition you have grown much and your abilities now surpass that which you used to have. “You learned the importance of discipline and training, ” This you have done. Now it is my turn, my task.” And the angel moved the rock, showing to the man a beautiful path ahead.

Prachita Joshi November 30 at 2:25p.m

write about you? ah well.. i can a book. Nothing new about dis.
You knw dat you hv been my bestiee since 2.5 long years. by now you should b knowing but again i officialy declare dat you r my “ONLY ONLY ONLY DAMMMN” bestie. 😀
i cn see that whimziical grin on yur face n dose typisy teeth. :p
“tum ho toh sara jahan tum nahi… toh ….laallalalalala 🙂 blah blah blah!!!!! 😛

You are my soulmate . my everthing re.. n you r so faaaaaar eeeeeeeh.. CHIII :(((
FUTURE MAI better CM HERE. ill have a live hv A “LIVE – IN GF” … we ‘l hv bfz by dat time n we’l tel dem.. useless you are in front of my gf. hehehe.. 😀 Koi doubt mat rakhna 😉

Abhi gting back to only “YOU”
You r my bestestestestestestest n ever far dan dat best friend.

You r my angel.. You r my bubbly bee.. You r iceeeyyyy diceeeyy nicee.. muah yummy. 😛 i love you d way you r. You hurt me at times but i dont mind because its your alter-ego 4me dat beats you hard. n i like dat you love me sooooooo mchh.. We r spl 2 ppl who live 360 dgz round india n cant live a sec w/o toking with eachother. AGain we ahhhhh… “WE” basicaly wt m writting is about us. i just cnt exclude myself away wen m toking about you 🙂

Thankx 4 each n evry smile on my face. (uncountable)
Thankx 4 being my caretaker,supporter,mother,baby,sister.
Thankx 4 making me a part of you.
Thanx 4 al d pain weneva you hv had just 4r me.
Thanx al d gifts you hv sent me. Blvh me i hv seen ppl turning black with jealousy becuz of em 😀
Thanx 4 rocking my woaaaarld…
Thanx 4 waking me up at 5-6–7am………GOD I MISS THOSE MORNINGS. I DONT MIND IF U START CALLING ME AGAIN :P. kiddin.
Thanx 4 scolding me,pampering me,bribeing me
Always b dr 4me. Its an order.

Sneha you gonah have a sexy future. i swear. I HV SEEN YOU CHANGING 4RM 17TH OCT ‘ 10 wen you made a discovery which was a fact ages back. You r njoying yur life….smiling….not crying 4 foolish reasonzzz. so NEVER CHANGE !
I hope to meet you each n evryday of my life after few years, acly dats a wish i have 🙂
You hv 2 bestest male friends rahul n rohit. GOD wat vil hppn of der wifes if dey ‘l kip loving you so much 😛 M happy dey tk my plaace atleast wen m nt dr. NOT LITERALY my place. i knw 🙂 but dey chill my baby down. hehe.


ya b4 ending 2dayzzzzz 30th TTTTweeeeeeeesdayyyyyy YAY :)))




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What remains..

Are recollections

of time less darkened

When the sun shone pompously

The stars sparkled cooquently

Life turned a new leaf

The grass turned a new green.

What remains….

Are frustrations and depression

Ended relations and incomprehensible emotions

Miserable observations and no better conclusions

Drunken statures, supposedly smoked vindications

Tears apart, only desolations.

What remains…..

The lines of a defeated poet

Writhing in pain on the rebound

Nothing has been left to turn around

Exceeding passions with lessened emtions

Scared with the bruns of misread conclusions.

And only wishes that…….

The stars didn’t lose their sparkle

The sun doesn’t lose its fire

Flinting an ever burning desire

Wishes that life hadn’t changed like this

The grass didn’t lose its colour

And you weren’t there……..

Once upon a time ..

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It was her b’day …in fact she never had a surprise b’day party  in her entire life . Her friends gave  a surprise visit to her place …she blew the candles .. got lots of gifts and was smiling all the way . But no one knew… she was badly missing someone.. someone she loved enough to dedicate her entire life.. the only one till date.  She expected just get a call from him to be wished on her b’day. Till 12 o’ clock  her eyes were glued to her phone lcd.. she knew he was in town. she just needed a wish. that’s all.

But as the saying goes.. you never get what you wish most in your life.. (for good or bad, i am not going into it)

Ok where i

Yes next morning she tried all means to contact him .. finally got his no. from a mutual friend and called him up.

She sort of repented over what she did ..but she was helpless. she wanted to meet him.. she longed to see him  not knowing what she would say .. she was sort of nervous.

Finally it was time for them to meet… they both met at their usual place where they use to meet when were in a ‘relationship’ ( this word seems kindda very fake to me now , anyway !).

Her heart started racing the moment she saw him. They both started walking .. at a distance of 10cms from each other.. they were walking together but not with each other.

She tried to start a casual talk with  him but the guy hardly spoke. He replied either in ” YES” OR “NO” .. that was kindda very annoying of him. but still she tried… trying to make the moment light and happy as she knew ..may be it was their only meeting in the  coming few yrs or may be the last.

She sort of felt in love with him again inspite of him being trying to be rude as much as possible. Her urge for talking to him since long made her love him more . In a way she was crying from within while with him.

She loved him like she always did .. even more but she can’t express.. can’t expect to be loved.

They were tired of walking and needed a place to sit and the only place nearby was a park.

Initially the girl hesitated from putting this idea of going to a park as they were no more girlfriends-boyfriends and these days park is meant to be girlfriends-boyfriends only.

anyway .. finally they went inside and sat together on a cement bench.. at pretty much distance from each other and in a way so that she can look straight into his eyes.

She was still nervous.. as if her feelings are visible from her face .. she was really nervous. To avoid it or to say to make the situation lighter .. she started talking about her college life , family, future (career) plans etcetera only but to avoid the topic ‘ love’ .. at the moment it really made her feel uncomfortable .

Then silence for another few mins cause the boy was fully maintaining his rude behavior.

Then she offered him ‘ Dairy milk’ which she had in her bag.  She didn’t have it because she expected the guy to make her feed from his own hand but he didn’t ( very well expected !)

Then silence again.

She was sort of bored sitting there. They both started walking and stopped at a point . It was her favourite place in the park. Over the bridge right in front of the moon. It was a beautiful romantic view from there. They both stood there maintaining their usual distance from each other unlike others in the park.

She was nervous .. more nervous.. her heart was racing… she didn’t knew why.

Tring~ Tring .. her mom called up.. she was talking to her mom and then suddenly she felt something very soothing .. she felt heavenly .. his hand was on hers holding the railings of the bridge.  She started stammering on the phone.

Then she kept the phone not knowing what she answered.

Her eyes were filled with tears.. as if she got something for which she waited so long… just by his touch.  He tried to remove her hands but she held his fingers tightly.. she wanted that moment to pause .. she felt like in heaven ..  Yes! she loved him madly.

The distance between them vanished .. they were now standing close to each other ..with silence on their lips.

her heart felt heavy..she felt a lump in her throat.. she couldn’t speak.. she didn’t want to speak. she was happy …enjoyed every second of it.. as if all her pain vanished by his touch.

Finally she said quietly ” … I love you ! ”


Now it was time for her to go home.

They both took a hand rickshaw only to spend some more time together sitting close to each other.

It was dark.. he was holding her hand playfully.. they both felt damn romantic.. but they both knew… it was temporary.. everything was over between them.

She had tears again in her eyes .. she couldn’t stop herself. she bend her head… closed her eyes for 5 seconds.. and then gave him a small peck on his cheeks whispering in his ears ‘ i love you.. i will love you always’

He kissed on her hand and said ‘ forget me ! i am not good for you’.. not knowing he was the only existence which made her feel complete in this world.